Doc’s GLOCK at the Gym

I am a physician in a large town and have many patients. Most people I care for are wonderful people. So it seemed very strange to me when a friend, who is also a patient, told me that a mutual acquaintance was angry with me because he suggested that I insulted his wife. This puzzled me, as I do not fight with or insult my patients, even though a few can be rude at times. I thought no more about this person until one evening when I was exiting a local gym where I regularly exercise.

I was getting into my car and he appeared from the back door of the gym. I waved at him and smiled. He seemed very upset and had a strange look on his face. I noticed he was using a crutch and had an orthopedic boot on one foot. As I sat in the front seat of my car getting ready to leave, he threw down the crutch and grabbed my shirt ripping it, and started punching me in the face. This fellow is in his early 50s (I am in my early 40s) but is very fit and muscular. I was in a state of shock! I was caught totally unaware by his onslaught.

I immediately pushed him out of the car and began shouting to cease his attack, meanwhile asking him forcefully what was the meaning of the assault. He seemed bent on continuing the assault but stated that I had insulted his wife. I told him I didn’t know his wife.

As he showed no signs of backing down, I retrieved my GLOCK 22 from my glove box. It had a full magazine, but I kept the chamber empty. I thought I could possibly calm the situation without killing this man, so I did not chamber a round but was ready to do it. I pointed the gun at his chest at a distance of about 4 feet and told him if he continued the attack I would have no choice but to shoot him. He did not leave. Luckily, my friend the trainer came out then and calmed him down. I then drove home and called the police, who later arrested him. I had a judge impose a restraining order on him, and he was fined $1,500.

I have had a lot of time since then to reflect on that situation. I really changed my thought process on being prepared and what potential dangers we face when we step outside our homes. Since then I have taken upper-level defensive handgun courses and have talked to police about that incident. I would have had the right to use deadly force, but what a burden, both emotionally and legally, that would have been. I certainly could have fought him with my fists, but as a physician I realize that one never knows the possible outcomes of two adults in a physical altercation. I am convinced I did the right thing and I am glad I live in a state where a citizen’s right to bear arms is not infringed upon. I’m also an NRA life member and a concealed carry permit holder.

—Loren Edward McCoy, M.D., FACP
Muscle Shoals, AL

Sixty-Six-Foot GLOCK Shot

In the winter of 2010, the Secret Service contacted a municipality in our county about a wanted fugitive. They had conducted electronic surveillance and indicated that the subject was possibly staying at a local motel. I, along with two city patrolmen, attempted to contact the subject as he was leaving the motel. Upon contact, the subject struck an officer with his vehicle and the officer fired a shot into the rear tire of the suspect vehicle.

A pursuit began, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol hit the vehicle with stop sticks. The suspect vehicle continued west on the interstate until it could go no further with the tires deflating. The suspect drove his vehicle into the median, where it got stuck in mud. The suspect then exited his vehicle with a gun pointed at his head. Instead of firing, however, he pointed his weapon at my partner and fired at him.

I began firing my department-issue G22 pistol at the suspect. He was struck multiple times at a distance of 66 feet. Thanks for making and supporting such a fine weapon. My GLOCK protected me when I needed it.

—Det. Sgt. PS, Crawford
County Sheriff’s Department

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