Training is critical for anyone who carries or uses a firearm for self-protection, and training to save your life or another’s is serious business. Unfortunately, there are many instructors with fabricated firearms experience, which makes it difficult to find practical training. Althought doctrine is important, a professional instructor is imperative.

Doctrine, tactics and techniques are available anywhere these days, but it takes an experienced and trained instructor to impart them properly. Real-world experience is certainly important, but the industry is littered with true experts exhibiting zero teaching skills. Spending a few days hearing war stories is entertaining but worthless without real instruction. You really need someone who has skills and the ability to teach them—and Larry Mudgett of Marksmanship Matters is one such instructor.

Learn from the Best

Larry is the real deal. Serving in Vietnam at only 19 years old in the First Air Cavalry, Larry has survived several fights and emerged as a decorated combat veteran. He joined the LAPD in 1969 and worked with them for 35 years in the most violent areas. With 14 years on the SWAT team and 13 years as the training division’s chief firearms instructor, Larry has actually been there and done that. He has also trained, shot and competed with Jack Weaver, Ray Chapman and Colonel Jeff Cooper—pioneers in combat shooting. In fact, Larry either has invented or witnessed the invention of much of what firearms instructors teach today.
Marksmanship Matters instructor Stacey Mudgett is an LAPD veteran with 11 years of service. Having worked South Central LA for years, she has experienced what may be the closest thing to urban combat in the U.S. One of the few who were members of both the Urban Police Rifle Cadre and the Tactical Slug Cadre, Stacey is an experienced long-gun instructor also qualified with several handguns. She is an experienced SASS shooter and has earned many awards.

The Defensive Pistol course encompasses Marksmanship Matters’ basic pistol doctrine and runs for five days, including three days on the range. It is offered one day at a time, usually Saturdays, or over one week. The course is designed to establish the fundamentals of fighting with a pistol.

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