Self-defense law could lead to convicted Ga. man’s release

For seven years, Anita McNeil has tried to move on…

For seven years, Anita McNeil has tried to move on from what she calls “the incident” – that day in December 2005 when her husband shot and killed a man who threatened him outside their home in Georgia.

John McNeil was jailed and eventually convicted of murder. She moved back to the North Carolina town where the high school lovers grew up, unable to cope with the memories that haunted her. Now, she’s fighting breast cancer that has spread to her bones and hopes a judge’s ruling could set her husband free.

Georgia has a so-called stand-your-ground law that allows people to use deadly force if their lives are in danger. But John McNeil was charged anyway, nine months after the shooting.

The case has since prompted calls from the NAACP and other groups for such laws to apply to all people, regardless of race. McNeil is black, and the man he shot was white. But white neighbors also testified about being intimidated by the man who built their houses.

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