If there is one industry that continues to do well despite tough times, it is the gun business. With all the guns that people like me keep buying, the need to store and transport them safely and securely while still having quick access in case of urgent need is also growing. Everyone’s needs in this regard are different of course, so presented here is a brief round up of a selection of products that should fit most anyone at home or on the road.

Bedside Holsters

Even if you are used to carrying a gun on your person with your concealed carry permit, chances are you don’t do so while you sleep. If immediate access to your personal protection handgun is your primary concern at night, you may want to look into bedside holsters.

The BedSide Backup from CrossBreed Holsters offers a good solution for keeping your self-defense gun literally at arm’s reach from where you sleep. This spring steel black-finished kit is a two-piece L-shaped design that fits neatly between the mattress and box spring on your bed. The two parts fit securely and can be easily separated for easy storage or transportation. The side that goes against the box spring has a Velcro covering that allows you to attach the included CrossBreed Ohai Kydex holster in your preferred orientation. One custom fit holster is included, and you can choose from an extensive list to find the right one to fit your gun.

A separate extra magazine holder is also available, and a flashlight holder will be available soon. Both likewise attach to the BedSide Backup via the hook and loop system. The advantage to this system is that you can take it with you when you travel and keep your gun in the same place as you are used to at home, regardless if you are in a hotel or some other unfamiliar place.

DeSantis Gunhide has also entered the bedside gun holster fray with an innovative model that takes into account different thickness mattresses to allow the user to adjust the holster height and cant. The Mattress Tuk holster, made from Kydex, allows the use of most any holster fitted with a spring clip, common with inside the waistband (IWB) holsters. The advantage here is that users can keep their carry gun in their holster and simply transfer it from concealed carry to mattress carry for sleeping and back again in the morning.

Keeping with the bedtime quick-access self-defense theme is the versatile and cleverly simple Bedside Buddy. This tough, one-piece polymer unit also fits neatly and easily between the box spring and mattress on your bed and features a simple plastic post that sticks up about 1.5 inches. The muzzle of any gun above .380 ACP in diameter easily slips over this post and is held securely in a grip-up position. It can be placed anywhere along the bed where your hand can naturally reach down for very fast access. The Bedside Buddy does not cover the trigger at all, so exercise caution when drawing.

It should be noted that neither one of these devices constitutes safe storage, as they merely hold your gun within easy reach while you sleep.

Hidden Arsenal

The box spring on your bed is really just a lot of wasted space—space you could use to store more guns, thanks to the BedBunker safe. This solid 10-gauge steel-walled horizontal safe lets you keep guns secure and hidden under your mattress. In fact, each section will hold as many as 35 rifles and shotguns and 70 handguns on two internal shelves, and you can double the storage space by using two units together.

I have standing safes, and they take up a lot of space in a closet, basement, or other room. They are also neither subtle in appearance nor very convenient to access. The BedBunker, by contrast, gives you pretty quick access at nighttime: just push the mattress to one side. The .25-inch, 140-pound steel door has a gas-piston system to help open it and an internal security bar prevents access if the hinges have been compromised. You can also internally bolt two units together under a king or queen sized bed, and there is no way someone is stealing that whole safe!

This is a serious, no nonsense safe, with a two hour firewall to protect your guns, valuables, and important documents, and it features a thick felt lining to prevent scratches or damage on the finish of your guns. Each section weighs 650 pounds empty, so make sure your floors can handle that.

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