The pen doubling as a weapon is not new concept. Makeshift stabbing instruments have been around since the first penal institutions were formed and the first prisoners were incarcerated in the post quill and ink era. In the dark underworld of law enforcement and corrections, authorities falling into the trap of, “it’s just a pen,” has led to countless stabbings and “shankings,” as pens and pencils make excellent improvised expedient weapons. Some correctional facilities teach their staff to keep the pen clipped under the flap of their shirt pocket and not on top, as guards have been stabbed by inmates using the officer’s own pen. There are also numerous stories of inmates stabbing corrections officers with self-made instruments concealed from authorities, thus allowing the inmate to get a hold of a firearm and shooting other deputies, guards, or corrections officers in holding cells.

There various “tactical” type pens out there, to include a pen gun, pen knife and even a pepper spray pen. All look like ordinary writing instruments–very compact and easy to carry in a pocket or purse. It will certainly catch a criminal off guard when the cap is pulled off, and the other end exposes a barrel, a blade, or pepper spray. The disadvantages, however, is the pen gun is generally a single shot, small caliber, and more than likely in violation of local, state and Federal firearms laws. Remove the cap from the Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Pen to repel attackers; provided you are within 6 feet and not downwind. Also, the bad guys have to be sprayed properly and in the proper targets areas.

Picking a Pen

Today, a writing instrument serving as a tactical tool has become very important with assaults, especially on women and police officers, continually on the rise. In the hands of a determined police officer fighting for his life, a tactical pen can be just as effective as a knife. In most cases, an officer’s ability to get to a pen and deliver a good strike the suspect’s eye, face, throat, or neck should cause the suspect to release his grip on the officer’s firearm. The ballpoints dubbed the “tactical pen” are now a “must have” accessory for law enforcement, military personnel, and security contractors. In light of September 11th, they are very popular because TSA and the commercial airlines industry do not (yet) prohibit passengers from carrying writing instruments on airplanes. Women are also encouraged to consider a tactical pen as part of their self-defense training. It makes great gift idea, and various companies such Surefire, Tuff Writer, Benchmade, Spyderco, Mil-Tac, Cold Steel, Smith & Wesson, Schrade, Timberline, Wilson Combat, even famed knife maker Rick Hinderer are all producing their version of a tactical pen.

One of the new cooler tactical pens on the market, available from Tuff Products, is fittingly called the “Kunai.” From the folklore of the Ninja, the Kunai was a Japanese knife from the Ninja’s arsenal that was used for throwing, stabbing, and for hand-to-hand combat. The modern day Kunai pen has a thumb rest and unique bamboo finger grooves that allow for an ergonomic “ice pick” grip. It is smooth, elegant and constructed of an aerospace-grade aluminum body that’s perfectly balanced for writing, while the thumb rest can also break glass in an emergency. The Kunai is specially designed for close quarters self-defense and combat situations, and is solid enough to jab through almost any part of the human body.

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