This Isn’t a Game

In one of the most concise, accurate and entertaining videos…

In one of the most concise, accurate and entertaining videos to come along about the left’s on-going tirade against so-called “assault weapons,” Chuck Woolery, a Kentucky born gentleman who served as a sailor on the U.S.S. Enterprise, but familiar as a very successful game show host (Wheel of Fortune, Love Connection, Scrabble, The Home and Family Show, The Dating Game, Greed and Lingo), makes a brilliant case destroying each and every claim about why Americans should not be allowed to own “assault weapons.”

This video gives six very insightful and true reasons how the anti-gun lobby is wrong, wrong, wrong on every count of their desire to reach into our homes and take away our means to defend ourselves, engage in lawful sport shooting or just plink at the range with our buddies and ARs.

Take a look at this and see just how wrong the anti-gun nuts and media are. Then ask yourself — hmmm, maybe everything I see on TV isn’t true! Enjoy my friends.

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  • Jason

    The video I just witnessed with Chuck was dead on. There is a million ways to skin a cat. Assault weapons or guns as a whole aren’t the problem. Any nut can go into the local hardware store, grocery store, or under the sink and with a little internet instruction do far more mass destruction then any gun could ! Its a horrible argument for gun control. Why cant liberals see this. Protecting our Constitution is crucial for our Free country ! Well said Mr. Woolery.

  • Brian Shrader

    Can not beat common sense