Active Pro Gear Inc. introduces the Model 36 Leather Pocket with Guard Holster. The latest addition to its growing line of concealment holsters.

Carry your gun concealed in the front or back pockets in the most comfortable, convenient way. Gives you two holsters in one.

Anti-print guard panel hides the shape of the gun by completely covering one side of the gun. Guard can be detached and holster carried in front pocket without it. Fits into most front and back pockets of pants, suits, jackets and cargo pants. Also works well inside purses.

-Looks like a regular wallet when worn, but offers instant access

-Holster will stay in the pocket when gun is drawn.

-Allows the fastest draw possible

-Lets you casually access the gun without attracting attention

-Disguises the shape of the gun in your pocket

-Gun remains in the same position inside pocket

-Prevents the front sight from wearing a hole in your pocket

-Closed muzzle design keeps gun clean

-Gives you two holsters in one

-Made from top grain leather with heavy-duty, stitching. Rough side out keeps the holster in place in the pocket. Smooth leather inside provides an easy, fast draw. Made in the USA.

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