Glenn Sanders believes a message was sent loud and clear to Illinois politicians when Adams County voters overwhelmingly approved a measure asking voters if they want the state to allow residents to carry concealed weapons.

Sanders, president of the Mississippi Valley Hunters and Fishermen’s Association, now hopes those politicians begin to listen to their constituents.

“They need to know (the majority of) citizens support this issue,” Sanders, a retired Illinois Conservation Police sergeant, said.

Such a measure is non-binding, since no local law can override state law. However, Sanders believes with 78 percent of almost 30,000 votes cast favoring concealed carry, that kind of result should carry an exclamation point.

“That is even higher than I expected,” Sanders said. “I was looking for around 65 percent to 70 percent.”

There were 22,994 votes in favor of concealed carry and 6,681 against.

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