While they are probably better known for their outstanding electric knife sharpeners, EdgeCraft’s ChefsChoice line also includes an ever-expanding group of manual diamond hones. Three of the newest are the “Sportsman,” “ProntoPro,” and “Tactical,” with each having their own special advantages.


This is a three stage sharpener set up to provide both 15-degree bevels for thin Asian style knives, and a steeper 20-degree grind for thicker European/American patterns. Between the three stages, the sharpener will handle straight edge kitchen knives, “santokus,” sports knives, pocketknives and serrated blades. One of the unique features of this sharpener that sets it apart from many other “pull through” systems is that it functions on a back and forth “sawing” movement that removed metal in both directions. Of course, it also has the advantage of utilizing diamond abrasives that will easily hone the hardest steel.

At a point during my evaluation of the ProntoPro I found myself coring and dicing up a five-gallon stockpot of garden tomatoes for cooking down into sauce with a set of Ontario kitchen knives I was also testing. While most of the knives in the set easily handled slicing ripe tomato skin, there was one utility knife that seemed to be just a little under-honed for the job. By giving it a quick 20 pulls on stage two “Euro/Amer” and then finishing with a half-dozen on stage 3 “Polishing and Serrated,” I found the knife would now slice ripe tomatoes with the best of them.

Having noticed that stage 3 was the serrated slot, I pulled an older Spyderco kitchen knife from the block and gave it a try. I probably don’t resharpen my serrated knives as often as I should, so this one was fairly dull. The instructions said to give it five passes and check the edge, if it was still dull give it another five passes, all of which I did. After 10 push/pulls through the ProntoPro stage three slot, the knife was once again properly honed.

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