ArmaLaser TR1

ArmaLaser has released their first laser model based on the…

ArmaLaser has released their first laser model based on the new TR-Series platform. The TR1 is what the company is calling the most feature-rich laser system available today. A gold-plated touch sensor located near the pistol grip automatically turns the laser on when the pistol is grasped.

Since it is automatic and requires no further input from the user, ArmaLaser claims it is superior over a laser that would require a secondary effort such as a mechanical switch to turn on the beam. Other features include an industry-leading
5 year transferable warranty, an upgrade program, a master off switch, the highest output available by law (635nm-5mW), choice of steady or pulse beams, a battery door, rock-solid mounting, and a staggering 6 hours of run-time.

The TR1 will fit onto the Kel-Tec P32 & P3AT and more TR-Series based models for most popular polymer concealed carry pistols are in the pipeline. For further info contact ArmaLaser Inc. 800-680-5020,

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