Traditional chemical irritants are little more than specially-loaded spray cans. ASP Defenders are specifically designed as a dispersion system for chemical irritants. Rather than filling a standard aerosol can with OC, Defenders incorporate a proprietary container, specially produced valve system and patented dispensing mechanism. They are precision machined from aerospace aluminum and solid brass. ASP Defender Series devices are lightweight, low profile, easily carried and devastatingly effective. Bright dip industrial anodizing is accented by an injection molded Delrin safety. The solid brass keyring swivel retains two heat treated, black chrome plated split rings. Both the dispersion tip and retention cap are O-ring sealed. The safety is positive and secure. Release requires two distinct movements. Straight-line activation places a cone-shaped spray on target, even in the dark. Heat (OC) provides two million Scoville Heat Units of Oleoresin Capsicum protection. The general appearance resembles a small key ring-sized flashlight. There are two models, Palm Defender and Key Defender, the latter being slightly larger in size and capacity. Available in
six anodized colors, electroless nickel and matte black. (ASP; 800-236-8601;

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