Joy of Cooking co-author Ethan Becker and I have been hanging out together at trade shows and hunting camps for close to 25 years. During that time, there was always one subject that came up in our conversations over and over, “When are you going to have your own line of kitchen knives?” Given that just about every celebrity chef on the list has their name on a cutlery line these days (Martha, Martha, Martha, what were you thinking!), it seemed only logical that the editor of the bestselling cook book in the world would, too. But I also know that Ethan has tried very hard to make that happen with a number of cutlery companies over the years. As many of the big names in the business have learned the hard way, it is a larger challenge than you would think for a knife company that normally specializes in outdoor/sporting blades to successfully break into the kitchen cutlery market place. There is simply a much different marketing and distribution system for the two types of cutting tools. So I was a little surprised when ESEE became the first knife company to actually have the honor of producing an official Ethan Becker line of kitchen blades.

Designated the “Ethan Becker Signature Cooking Knives Series 1,” the boxed set consists of a 7-inch Santuko, 6.75-inch Chef, 5.75-inch Santuko, and a 6-inch Utility. All have soft, non-slip Santoprene handles and flat ground blades of German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel hardened to an Rc of 55-57. The set it made in Taiwan with a suggested retail of $148.81.

Santuko Fan

Having spent time in the kitchen with Ethan, I know he is a big fan of the modern santuko pattern culinary knife. It has also become my standard mid-range size go-to blade for a wide variety of cutting tasks. That said, I’m not quite sure why he chose to make these knives so close to each other in size, as there seems to be a fair amount of overlap in their potential uses. There really isn’t that much difference between the 7-inch Santuko and the 6 ¾-inch Chef.

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  • CSharp

    SantOkU, not santUkO. They misspelled it on the box.
    Oh, well. They’ve been discontinued, anyway.