To some it would seem pretty simple. Take a pistol (A), place it in your pocket (B), and you’re good to go (C). And sometimes simple is good. But the problem with applying this simplistic A+B=C formula to carrying a pistol in a pocket for armed defense is that the resultant “C” can be flawed, leading to a “D” or even worse, an “F”—which, in case you don’t remember, means failure. An “F” in self-defense can cost you and your loved ones serious bodily harm or even death.

Plan Ahead

Carrying a small-framed pocket pistol as your primary means of self-defense is usually associated with clothing. It may mean that you are unable to carry a larger-framed pistol because attire, such as a T-shirt and shorts in the summer, prevents it. In the winter, a pocket pistol can be discretely and easily carried in an overcoat pocket or parka, and it’ll actually be quicker to deploy than a larger pistol carried under your coat. If you are small statured and cannot conceal a larger pistol, you may have to carry a small-framed pistol or revolver in a pocket out of necessity. A handgun in a pocket is usually more accessible than the same handgun carried on your ankle. It’s easy to imagine someone drawing from an ankle holster and hopping on one foot.

Many cops as well as citizens lawfully opt for a backup or second gun, and pocket carry is perfect for that. While approaching the driver of a car during a traffic stop, a cop may look ill prepared with his right hand in his pocket, when in fact he’s actually holding onto the grips of a small six-shooter or semi-auto. The same goes for the traveling businessman or woman walking from their car to their motel room. They may appear as if they are simply keeping their hands warm, but they’re prepared to stop a deadly threat with gunfire if need be.

More and more, home defenders are opting to carry inside their domicile. The clear understanding that having a handgun on your person while at home always beats the time lag in accessing one from a gun safe. Also, if the threat is between you and your safe, a small handgun easily carried in your pocket is better than good but unarmed intentions.

Pocket carry is even a good idea for those short trips from home, whether on foot or in your car. We’ve all been asked to make the proverbial evening trip to the corner store for a gallon of milk or take the dog for a walk, and a small handgun placed in your pocket provides you with a better chance of survival when backed into a deadly-force corner. Regardless of the situation, you should plan and prepare for pocket carry.

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