Recently Harris Publications was invited to attend Home Defense 101, a one-day course hosted by Praetorian Enterprises International, located in Keystone Heights, Florida. The eight-student class was taught by NRA-certified instructors Alan Rizzo, a current Special Forces sergeant major, and Martin Borum, a former U.S. Marine sergeant.

We began with classroom instruction that included examining state firearm laws; evaluating how to make your home safer (including how to pick and use a safe room) and how to develop a better situational awareness; discussing basic firearm safety; and choosing the right firearm for your needs. To provide a graphic aid that would show the penetration abilities of various loads, the instructors shot an assortment of ammunition through examples of interior walls. The bullets and shotgun loads easily penetrated both sides of a typical interior wall, and the shotgun loads (even birdshot) did not develop a spread larger than a hand-span at distances typical for a home’s interior. So much for spray and pray! This demonstrated that accuracy and the judicious use of firearms were essential to preventing unacceptable over-penetration, This served as the basis for the remainder of the course.

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