Recluse Holsters “One Sided Holster” design issued U.S. Patent

The “One Sided Holster” designed by Tod Cole of Recluse,…

The “One Sided Holster” designed by Tod Cole of Recluse, LLC receives a U.S. Patent with an issue date of November 6, 2012. In 2007 Tod was looking for a pocket holster for a newly acquired .380 ACP which lead to the same search for the “perfect pocket holster” that thousands of others have performed. What transpired was the idea of a one sided holster that would allow for an easy draw while holding the handgun in place.

From the original concept Recluse is now providing pocket holsters for more than 27 handgun models that are being carried by thousands of citizens, law enforcement and military.

Source: Recluse Holsters

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