Sig Sauer pistols are extremely popular with both law enforcement and military customers—and for good reason. These guns are built tough, have incredibly reliability and exhibit outstanding accuracy. The company also offers a full line of subcompact pistols to serve the needs of the concealed carry market, including a few true pocket pistols.

P232 & P250

Those with a fondness for classic pistols or old James Bond films will likely be attracted to the Sig P232, which borrows the classic lines of the Walther PP as well as its fixed-barrel accuracy and semi-auto blowback operation. Still, the P232 is not a Walther and offers its own unique and improved design while keeping the classic .380 ACP chambering. The single-stack seven-round magazine contributes to this gun’s slim profile, and Sig has smoothed out any rough edges for an easy, snag-free draw.

The pistol operates in the traditional double-action/single-action (DA/SA) mode with no external thumb safety. Instead, Sig has added their trademark decocker and a convenient takedown lever for maintenance. The smooth, 10-pound double-action trigger squeeze for the first round provides a good level of safety while also allowing for a fumble-free fast first shot.

Of course, for those who prefer a more modern design, it’s hard to beat the innovative and award-winning Sig P250 series of pistols. This completely modular polymer pistol only serializes the internal steel frame and fire control unit so that one gun can be easily converted from full-size to subcompact in a range of calibers for any need. The grip frame, slide, barrel and magazine can all be changed by the user, turning one gun into many. In the subcompact category, there is the P250 Subcompact, which can be had in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

This double-action-only (DAO) pistol has all the advantages of a polymer frame in terms of low weight, corrosion resistance and durability, and adds a fully ambidextrous magazine release and slide stop/release.

The slick design is also snag-proof and quick to draw from concealment. The P250 Subcompact offers a 12-round capacity in 9mm, 10 rounds in .40 S&W and six rounds in hard-hitting .45 ACP. Keeping the same dimensions but reducing the weight by more than 5 ounces, the P250 Subcompact in .380 ACP provides a 12+1 capacity and lower recoil.

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