Springfield Armory’s XD line of pistols has one of the strongest followings among its owners. Talk to any owner and they will tell you just how much they love to shoot them. Over the last couple of years, my conversations with officers, competitors and target shooters alike always include something to the effect of “I just love my XD.” This affection for the XD seems to be strongest among your average, everyday shooters. The design lends itself to comfort, accuracy and reliability. It is an excellent platform for new shooters because it has solid ergonomics, a good trigger and doesn’t produce much recoil. This popularity is sure to rise with the introduction of the XD-S single-stack .45 ACP pistol. It places all of the innovation and state-of-the-art construction into a light, thin and controllable pistol that fires the venerable .45 ACP cartridge.

Although the XD line has captured much of the fanfare of late, Springfield Armory remains one of the most popular 1911 makers in the industry. They have been bringing affordable 1911 pistols in various calibers to shooters for years. The Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP) was one of the first micro 1911-style handguns brought to the market in 9mm. It’s still one of the most affordable models and remains a favorite among 1911 owners.

Springfield Armory offers one of the most complete line of compact, subcompact, and micro-compact pistols on the market today. Between the XD, XDM and XD-S polymer-based combat pistols and their extensive 1911s, Springfield Armory truly has all the bases covered.

Xtreme Duty

The XD-S is a compact, single-stack .45 ACP pistol with all the modern features of the XD line. Only 1 inch wide, it is perfect for concealed carry. The forged-steel slide houses a 3.3-inch barrel and includes a dovetailed fiber-optic front sight and no-snag rear sight. The polymer lower holds a single-stack, five-round magazine and the USA (Ultra Safe Assurance) trigger system with a short reset.

An aggressive texture on the grip keeps you on target, and the interchangeable backsrtaps allow shooters to find the perfect fit regardless of hand size. The loaded-chamber indicator and Fail-Safe disassembly make it one of the safest designs on the market. Recently introduced in a Bi-Tone version, it is also available in all black, coated in super-tough Melonite. The XD-S brings the slim .45 ACP into a whole new realm, and it’s sure to be a huge hit among anyone carrying a concealed firearm.

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