Tactical Walls is a family owned and operated business based out of the Shenandoah valley of Virginia. A love of all things guns, and a desire to give people usable defensive options with a touch of cool factor has driven us to where we are today.

Tactical Walls strive to bring our customers innovative products that are simple to install and use, while enhancing their home defense options. Knowing that our products help family’s prepare for uncertain times is one of the many driving factors that keep Tactical Walls pushing on. Tactical Walls love giving you cool ways to hide, store, and display your guns. But more importantly we are proud that our products may one day help you protect yourself, or your family.

Learn more at Tacticalwalls.com.

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  • Shogun

    Looks cool but I hate the fact that you have no way to lock it. There’s gotta be a better way.

    • William

      It’s not a safe. It’s for quick access in an emergency.

  • someguy

    even putting a thin hinged door (like a breaker box) would be better than leaving it open behind a mirror/painting

  • Mel

    Wow, there are some seriously stupid products on this site, but this one takes the pathetic award! The first thought I had was, what about kids? Have you sold any ov this garbage yet?
    Get a lawyer, fucking morons!

  • Frankenstein

    This product is actually pretty nice. Yes, you can break the mirror to get in but the point is that it is a secret, and the average person isn’t going to know that it is anything other than a decorative mirror. I have one, and the slider is sold enough that my 3 year old son cant open it even when i tell him how to do it. It is a good solid product, NOT a safe, but a good alternative to leaving a gun in your night stand or under the bed.