Carrying a concealed weapon is much different for a woman than a man. A man finds an ankle holster or an inside-the-pants holster he likes (or both), and that system carries over into every piece of clothing he owns. Men get up in the morning and they know exactly how they are going to carry that day.

Women, on the other hand, have to put a lot of thought and consideration into their carry choice of the day. Do you have a meeting at the courthouse or in a school where concealed carry is not permitted? Are you going to a luncheon or appointment where fashion dictates your wardrobe? These choices directly affect your decisions.

A woman needs a concealed carry method for every scenario. The same firearm you carry in your fanny pack when you are hiking may not be the same firearm you would carry to a business meeting or an executive luncheon. Further, carrying a firearm in a purse makes coordinating your purse with your outfit a fashion decision.

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There are a few manufacturers that make very stylish and attractive purses for concealed carry. Galco, Pistol Packin’ Mamas, Coronado Leather and Esther Gear are among my favorites. Many of these manufacturers offer an attaché case, which is perfect for business carry, that includes an easily accessible compartment. You can also purchase a daily planner with a concealed carry compartment.

Just remember that you must never put anything in the compartment with your pistol that might get caught in the triggerguard and cause the gun to fire. Concealed carry purse manufacturers have created these purses with plenty of compartments for lipstick, makeup, cell phones, hairspray, hand wipes, etc., along with a separate compartment for the firearm. Nothing but the pistol should be carried in this compartment.

When carrying in a fanny pack, I prefer the compartment for the firearm to be on the strong side of my body—accessible with my dominant hand as if I were drawing from a holster. I also prefer the compartment the firearm is in to be accessible by zipper instead of Velcro because zippers are quieter.

When drawing, obtain a good grip and draw the pistol out of the pack, clearing it from the holster. Bring both hands together in a solid, two-handed grip with your finger on the trigger. Extend your arms while pushing out and aligning your sights to the target.

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