Cowboy, 79, disarms gunman with karate chop to throat (video)

Ervin stumbled out of bed toward the front door, where…

Ervin stumbled out of bed toward the front door, where he found a gunman carrying a rifle and trying to break into his house.

“I figured there’s a whole lot of ways I can do this,” said Brittnacher. “And I don’t want to shoot him.”

And yes, he could’ve easily shot the intruder. The 79-year-old keeps rifles propped next to his doors to scare away coyotes. Old photographs hanging on his walls show him riding bulls and certificates deem him a member of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

But when he saw the gunman and listened to his almost unintelligible gibberish, Brittnacher decided to handle things differently.

“I didn’t know whether to be scared or feel sorry for him,” he said.

So he hit the guy. Hard. Right in the throat, like a karate chop.

“I just took that old hand and give him a good old chop,” he said. “And normally, that really hurts bad.

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