Glocks, as they come from the factory, are highly engineered, semi-automatic pistols that have evolved over the last three decades into what the Austrian armsmaker calls “Glock Perfection.” The hard-hitting, high-capacity G21 SF has a reputation for being one of the best .45 ACP semi-autos in the world. So how do you trump that?

There are a number of trigger upgrades and match-grade target barrels that can be installed. However, the strikingly distinctive Night Raptor—the top-of-the-line custom from the Glock Store—is more than a tune-up with a custom trigger and a match-grade barrel. It is a total rebuild that produces a Glock unlike any other. Every modification is done to achieve a single goal—perfecting Glock perfection.

Gun Details
For my test M12 Night Raptor, a series of customizations that can be done on any standard or compact Glock pistol, the Glock Store started with a G21 SF model. The G21 SF (short frame) offers a slightly smaller grip size than the G21 to accommodate a wider variety of hand sizes. In all other respects, a G21 and G21 SF are the same.

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