Man Pulls Gun in Road Rage Incident to Ward Off Alleged Attackers

A couple driving a van with four children ended up…

Quite apart from the unwisely cocked hammer, the question will be whether this driver had reasonable, legitimate fear when he drew his revolver and leveled it out his window.

A couple driving a van with four children ended up in handcuffs in a bizarre road rage incident after police say they attacked another driver, who then pulled out a gun to protect himself.

Nicholas Flanagan, 30, and Jessica Ratliff, 26, were arrested on charges of battery and disorderly conduct after they jumped out of their vehicle in a parking lot on Dec. 4 in Wausau, Wis., and attacked Scott Van Patter, according to the police report.

Van Patter, 48, told police he showed his semi-automatic .40 caliber handgun, which he has a license to carry, to chase away Flanagan and Ratliff until the authorities arrived.

“At that point I felt like my life was in danger and I didn’t have a choice,” Van Patter said.

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