San Diegans prepare for Mayan doomsday (video)

With his gas mask on and machete in hand, Nikko…

With his gas mask on and machete in hand, Nikko Sanchez is ready for December 21.

“It does possibly mean the end of the world,” said Sanchez. “I do know about the Mayan calendar, I have done some research.”

The Mayan calendar only extends to December 21, 2012. Some people interpret that as a prediction for the end of the world on that date.

“I’ve seen how horrific people can be when they really want to be,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez is a Gulf War veteran and he’s ex-law enforcement. Now, he’s a “prepper” — prepared to survive the worst. He trains others to do the same, and he founded a company called SOC Tactical that, among other survival skills, teaches you how to pack a “bug out” bag, complete with medication, a self-generating light source and food for a year.

Source: Natasha Zouves for 10 News

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