Woman, 86, pulled gun before intruder killed her, documents say

An 86-year-old woman killed in her Longwood home by an…

An 86-year-old woman killed in her Longwood home by an intruder Nov. 12 told her attacker to get out before trying to pull a gun on him, court documents reveal.

According to a search warrant filed in the murder case against Richard Hugh Grissett, when the convicted felon found Linnie Mae Ward sitting on her bed in her isolated home off Gwynn Road, he told her he was there to rob her.

But the feisty Ward didn’t budge. Instead, she ordered the intruder out. And when he didn’t leave, she reached for the rifle she kept at her bedside.

“Grissett wrestled with Linnie Mae Ward on the bed and they fell onto the floor. Grissett stated he punched Linnie Mae Ward numerous times, and then strangled her to kill her,” wrote Lt. Donna Simpson in a request Nov. 20 for a warrant to search Grissett’s home, vehicle and a pond near his house. “Grissett spontaneously stated to Detective John Holman that he had hit Linnie Ward while she was on the ground.”

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