Bullet Trap USA’s Bullet Traps

Bullet Trap USA would like to introduce their new line…

Bullet Trap USA would like to introduce their new line of Bullet Traps and accessories for every type of shooter to use indoors or outdoors. Gun Shop Owners, Gunsmiths and homeowners will find our 24”, 36” & 48” Bullet Traps a safe and environmentally friendly way to target practice – anytime, anywhere. Our bullet traps will handle any caliber up to and including the .458 Winchester Mag. Our tactical training traps are designed for Military and Police Personnel and can be made into any custom size needed. Every type of shooter will find our traps up to the challenge of continual use.

Sound Abatement Rooms with Ventilation Systems or Filtration Systems are just some of the accessories that can be purchased for the safety of the shooter. These accessories will reduce noise levels and improve the overall breathing air quality.

For more information on our traps and all accessories please visit our website www.bullettrapusa.com or call us at 860-673-7068.

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