When numerous customers asked COAST Products for a pro-quality, rechargeable flashlight, COAST didn’t respond with a knee-jerk, me-too product. Instead, the company followed its commitment to new-product innovation and went back to the drawing board. A “good” rechargeable wasn’t good enough; it needed to stand alongside the other outstanding product advances that have made COAST the industry’s premier manufacturer of high performance LED lights.

COAST’s goal is to design and build the best LED flashlights available, just as feature rich and dependable for everyday users as they are for the many law enforcement, military and fire and rescue professionals who praise COAST’s products. The new rechargeable flashlights have attained that goal.

Leading the (re)charge are five all-new LED flashlights – the HP7R, HP5R, A25R, A22R and A9R. They all (except the A9R) feature COAST’s exclusive new Flex Charge Dual Power Rechargeable System – including the ProTek Charging Port, with a tail cap that pops up to reveal a mini USB port the charging cable plugs into. Not just extremely cool, there are no parts to lose and the system stays clean from dust and debris.

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