Homeowner shoots intruder, 1 at large

Police said two men broke into a home and the…

Police said two men broke into a home and the homeowner shot and killed one of them. The other remains at large.

The shooting happened at about 11:05 p.m. Monday at a complex on Northeast Eighth Court and 209th Terrace. “I was outside hanging around and then I heard a couple gunshots and I saw a couple of people looking and seeing what’s going on; nobody knew,” said resident Arthur Li.

Investigators said a home invasion led to the shooting. They said a 19-year-old male homeowner shot and killed the intruder. The intruder’s accomplice fled the scene. “I think I heard several shots, like six or seven, possibly eight.” said Li. “I don’t know they were just quick.”

Police are now searching for the second subject.

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