More women seen taking up firearms

Prompted by concerns for their own safety and that of…

There are several methods for carrying a small semi-auto or revolver discreetly, but the most important factor is how quickly you’re able to draw from concealment and defend yourself.

Prompted by concerns for their own safety and that of their families, more women in New Hampshire are purchasing guns, learning how to use them and practicing their shooting skills, say firearms dealers, shooting range attendants and the Second Amendment Sisters.

The Sisters, a national nonprofit organization with a growing New Hampshire chapter, is dedicated to maintaining the constitutional right to bear arms. Some New Hampshire members meet monthly at a shooting club in Manchester.

Most recently, the SAS has voiced its opposition to HB 135, a bill before the Legislature that would repeal the state’s stand-your-ground law. The current law, which passed last year, says a person who is in a place where he or she has a legal right to be does not have to first retreat from a deadly threat before using deadly force in self-defense. It also gives the person using deadly force immunity from civil lawsuits if he or she causes death or injury, including to innocent third parties, while using legal deadly force.

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