Obama weighs 19 executive actions on gun control

President Obama is weighing as many as 19 different gun…

President Obama is weighing as many as 19 different gun control measures that he could take without congressional approval, as he prepares to unveil a comprehensive plan to address gun violence amid claims from Republicans that he’s overstepping his bounds.

The president could reveal the details of that plan as early as Wednesday. During the final press conference of his first term, Obama said Monday that he will “vigorously pursue” the recommendations.

It’s unclear how many of the 19 options the president would eventually take up. Those options reportedly could include more aggressively enforcing existing gun laws and beefing up national research on guns.

The president has already voiced support for separate legislative measures in Congress, like the renewal of the assault weapons ban. That is expected to face the toughest opposition in Congress. But Vice President Biden, who led the gun violence task force and met with the president Monday, indicated the group is also pressing for limits on high-capacity magazines — as well as background checks for anyone seeking to purchase a gun.

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