Back in 2007, the radical-for-Ruger SR9 marked a milestone for the company that had deliberately chosen for many years not to participate in the concealed carry marketplace, aside from offering the SP101 short-barreled, double-action snubbies in .38 Special and .357 Magnum calibers. Initial entries into the centerfire pistol arena with the P-Series, beginning in 1985, were relatively large and bulky guns better suited to duty and open-carry belt use than concealment. The slightly smaller and more refined-looking P93 and P94 designs in the early 1990s took the envelope down a notch but were still thick in their top portions—they just weren’t quite “there” yet.

The SR9, however, was substantially more svelte, and very much “there” as far as a trim, high-capacity 9mm concealed carry pistol goes. And, go it did—so much so that the SR40 inevitably followed, along with compact versions of both pistols. Ruger is now aggressively chasing the CCW crowd, and it offers several models and configurations for those looking at a new, downsized handgun for defensive applications. This includes the latest in the SR series—the SR22.

Defensive .22

First off, I would never recommend the .22 rimfire round as a first choice in defensive artillery. One-shot stops are almost as rare as hens with teeth, and the round isn’t widely regarded as much of a manstopper. But there are three mitigating factors that can work in its favor: a wide range of bullet and velocity choices in the oldest and most highly developed metallic-cartridge caliber on the planet, infinitely more affordable practice rounds than with centerfire calibers, and such mild recoil levels that even those with a low tolerance to it can typically handle the guns chambered for any .22 Long Rifle round.

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  • matt

    And the sr22 will shoot any. 22 you feed it….as reliable as a .22 can get and small enough to throw in a pocket for quick run to the convience store

    • murraydad

      It’s a cute gun, but if you’re headed to the convenience store, I’d rather throw a J-Frame or an LCP in my pocket.

  • Jeff

    I bought this for my wife. I’d rather her put 10 rounds in one spot the size of a door handle in rapid succession, then be able to maybe fire off a 9mm and possible miss, because she doesn’t like practicing with it. My wife loves the sr22, can put 100 rounds down range with out hurting her wrist and before I bought this gun for her, never liked guns. We both love this gun, it’s very reliable, and fits both of our hands, and you can literally fire off 10 rounds with moving your aim.

  • Bert

    I had bought this for my wife. I figured something was better than nothing. She shot it and loved it. Its a fun little gun. Then she shot a XDs and loved it. So now the .22 will be what I teach my kids with and she will be getting something bigger than a .22. It is a great gun though.

  • sommydon

    Where’s the rest of the article?

  • quadtoons

    They miss named this model…it should be the SRFUN

  • Jason Jennings

    This article lacks a lot of information about the SR22.

    • PDW

      Hi Jasosn, thank you for reading.

      This print issue of Combat Handguns just hit the newsstands — after the magazine has been on sale for 30 days we’ll upload the rest of this article. Stay tuned!

  • Cowboy

    The wife likes hers as well fun little gun to shoot and the nice thing is working for Ruger is a plus here in Prescott AZ