If you hang out in bushcrafting circles you’ll often hear folks bemoaning the lack of a good folding bushcraft blade. There are a ton of great folders on the market, but very few with a Scandinavian grind edge—and a Scandi edge is often the preferred edge of bushcrafters due to its great woodworking and carving abilities. After years of campfire conversations about the subject, the dreams of Scandi lovers are finally coming to fruition. The folks at Helle have heard the pleas from the masses and have stepped up to meet the demand with their much-anticipated Dokka folder.

The Dokka is Helle’s first foray into folding knives and they took their time and made sure everything was right before releasing it into the wild. If you’re a Scandi fan, you may have heard about the Dokka way back in 2010. I was one of the folks who picked up on the early news about the folder, and let me tell you, the wait until they were finally available was agonizing. But the end result is worth it. Helle did a great job in producing a very traditional Scandi knife in a folding package.

80 Years of Excellence

If you aren’t familiar with Helle, they’re an 80-year-old company located in the Norwegian hamlet of Holmedal, and they have a long tradition of making fine, quality blades for hunters and outdoorsmen. Regular readers may recall that we did a piece on the Helle Temagami fixed blade knife developed in conjunction with Les Stroud of television’s Survivorman fame in the January 2012 issue. Point being, Helle knows their stuff and they’re very in tune to the needs of outdoorsmen.

You might ask why the hue and cry for a Scandi folder when there are so many Scandi fixed blades available. Arguably a fixed blade is better suited to many of the outdoor tasks that you’d expect a Scandi folder be subjected to. That’s probably true but there’s still a good niche for a folder like the Dokka. First off, there are places where you can’t take a fixed blade knife, either due to laws or regulations or because it’s simply more socially acceptable to carry a discrete folding knife than to have a fixed blade strapped to your belt. Secondly, there are folks that may still use a fixed blade in the woods but would appreciate a good traditional Scandi folder for everyday carry. Whatever the reason, there have been a lot of folks asking for something like the Dokka and the folks at Helle are glad to accommodate them.

Tradition Goes Folding

With the Dokka, Helle does a great job of taking a very traditional Norwegian tool and turning it into a compact, folding version of the same. Their knives are largely handmade and you can see the detail that goes into each piece. The handles are classic Scandinavian—birch has a great depth of pattern and color and the pieces chosen for the Dokka are no exception. I’ve had a chance to handle a number of Dokka’s and all have had extremely attractive pieces of wood on them. Underneath that birch is a set of stainless steel liners for strength and a brass-lined lanyard hole is located near the rear of the handle.

While the birch handle scales draw the eye to the Dokka, the soul of the knife is the blade. Helle uses a 3.3-inch long blade of their triple laminated stainless steel. The blade is 2.7mm thick and has a true Scandi zero grind edge. Blade markings are a simple “Helle” with their logo over Norway and “Dokka 3L” on the left side of the blade. The blade has a thumb nick for opening and rolls open on an adjustable pivot pin. Lockup is by means of a mid-position back lock. Lock up is secure with no blade play present.

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