American Tactical Imports, a worldwide importer of firearms, is proud to announce the release of the FX45 Series, a .45ACP caliber 1911 pistol series from Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines.

The impressive ATI FX45 Series includes five pistols priced from $449.95: the ATI FX Military, the ATI FX GI, the ATI FX Thunderbolt, the ATI FX Titan Blue and the ATI FX Titan Stainless.

Both the ATI FX Titan Blue and the ATI FX Titan Stainless weigh 1.76 lbs. and are 6.9” long. The Titans have 3.13” barrels, low profile rear sights, dovetail Front sites, two-stage recoil spring systems, military slide stops and safety locks, 7+ 1 magazine capacity, and mahogany grips. The FX Titan Stainless has all chrome steel parts. The Titan Blue has a MSRP of $519.95 and the Titan Stainless is listed at $599.95.

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