Each Jim Shockey Signature Series safe is built of heavy-gauge steel and has a massive 4-inch double-steel composite door with 1.5-inch active-locking bolts on the top and side. Beige inside and out, the safe includes adjustable shelving; a convenient door-organizer kit that can easily store multiple pistols, magazines, knives or other items; and an internal power-supply system with two 110-power outlets, a USB port and an RJ45 ethernet connection. Secure your valuables with a high-security, commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock that is backlit and protected with three layers of extra-hard, 60-plus RC steel plate. The Jim Shockey Signature Series also features multiple re-lockers, patented TruLock internal hinges, a pre-drilled bottom for bolting to the floor, and a verified fire rating of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes. For more information, visit cannonsafe.com or call 800-242-1055.

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