They say that Japanese Koi will grow to fit the size of the pond in which they live. In my experience, the amount of stuff I own—especially firearms related—will always grow to overfill the space I have in my home.

Like many gun owners, I have reached the point where my stuff is getting so packed and messy, it is hard to find what I need. On more than one occasion, I have bought something I already owned simply because I could not find it. I once even offered to buy a rifle from a friend who reminded me that it was already my rifle, which I had asked him to store for me. This not only creates unnecessary expense, and embarrassment, but also adds to the clutter.

While my wife and I argue over whether we need a bigger house or less stuff, there is another solution: getting better organized. Lucky for me, Battenfeld Technologies and their new Lockdown vault accessories have the cure for what ails me: a comprehensive line of storage gear that will actually help me pack my stuff in less space and make it easier to find.

Vault Organizers

While these products are primarily designed to fit in a gun vault or locker, they can easily help keep your stuff organized on a shelf or on a closet wall as well. If you have several handguns for example, you may be keeping them in soft-sided cases piled one on top of the other in a vault, locker or safe like I do. That keeps them from getting damaged, but I always end up having to open all of the cases to find the one I am looking for. Lockdown makes four- and six-gun vinyl coated racks that can sit in your safe or on a shelf and keep each gun visible, separate from its neighbor and secure. The larger six-gun rack is only $27.99, can accommodate just about any size revolver or pistol, and it lets me keep more guns in the same amount of space.

Another thing to think about is all the wasted space on the walls and door of your safe, both inside and outside, as well on the walls of your closet. Lockdown turns them into usable storage areas. Their hanging organizers feature multiple attachment systems, including magnets for your safe, hooks for carpeted interiors, or you can hang them on walls with standard nails as well.

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