Some Valley teachers will get some life saving training and have an extra layer of protection should they come up against a dangerous intruder in their schools.

Premiere Martial Arts in Decatur will host a unique training session just for school faculty. It will help them have options when dealing with critical situations, like an armed intruder or active shooter in schools.

They will learn techniques of Krav Maga, which will teach them effective combat and simple defense techniques they can use if they ever have a gun pointed at them.

“If they haven’t been in a situation and they haven’t trained, they think of martial arts and self defense as ‘so complicated’ or ‘something that I can’t do,'” said Michelle Chanault with Premiere Martial Arts. “Once they’ve been through at least one class, if they don’t leave with any other skill, they leave with the skill of ‘this is something I can do.'”

Source: WAFF

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