Controversy is brewing over a proposed bill in South Carolina that would allow guns in bars and restaurants.

A Senate panel approved the bill this week. If passed, concealed weapon permit holders could bring a gun into establishments that serve alcohol as long as they’re not drinking. It also has to be OK with the business owner.

Josh Beeby, the owner of downtown Greenville bar Barley’s, doesn’t support the bill. He doesn’t believe guns should be allow in places that serve alcohol and worries about enforcement.

“What are we going to do? Ask them for their ID when they have a beer and gun permit if they have one?” said Beeby.

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  • Andrew

    Josh Beeby doesnt understand that the criminals dont care about gun laws. He would be safer if this bill passed as it would be a deterrent for most criminals. There are many people that go to restaurants just for food. If you dont like it, its your business, post a no concealable weapons sign….