Made in their Custom Shop, the Super Carry line of Kimber pistols was designed and developed to be the finest, heavy-calibered, 1911-formatted, concealed carry handguns available today. Offered in several variations, all share common features yet all are different enough to warrant their own model designation. Those with “Custom” in their name have 5-inch stainless steel match-grade barrels with corresponding length stainless slides. Those with a “Pro” in their title come with a 4-inch bushingless bull barrel and slide of the same material and length, while those carrying an “Ultra” as part of their moniker have bushingless barrels shortened to a mere 3 inches in length with slides abbreviated to match.

Custom Features

Additional custom features common to all of the models in this line include fixed dovetailed, tritium-equipped night sights — the rear unit nicely melded for comfortable concealed carry and equipped with a “cocking shoulder” for one-handed slide manipulation. The rear face of this sight wears horizontal serrations and the tritium inserts provide for a white 3-dot sight picture during daylight hours and an easy-to-see green-dot setup for lowlight use. All Super Carry pistols wear ambidextrous-safeties with extended paddles and beavertail grip safeties with elevated pads for secure activation. Ejection ports are all aggressively lowered and flared and each pistol’s exterior surfaces have been subtly subjected to what Kimber calls its “Carry Melt,” so no sharp edges remain anywhere that could cut or abrade during use or carry.

Each model wears attractive grips fashioned from a laminate of Micarta and wood aggressively checkered except for a smooth border at the rear. Frames on most Super Carry models are made from lightweight aluminum except those having a HD (for Heavy Duty) in their title, which designates these pistols as having stainless steel foundations.

All wear Commander-style hammers and solid mid-length triggers equipped with overtravel screws. All have recessed slide- stop pins with a beveled recess to prevent inadvertent slide-stop displacement (a problem occasionally experienced by a lefty using a thumbs-forward, two-handed grip, or a righty who uses the protruding slide-stop pin as an outside-the-trigger guard index point), and all are finished in Kimber’s proprietary KimPro II finish in either a black and silver or totally black configuration.

All come with special frame and slide serrations that Kimber refers to as a “Super Carry” pattern that, for lack of a better term, I’d have to describe as “fish scaled.” This “fish scale” covers the entire front strap on all Super Carries and also functions as the cocking serrations on the slide. Additionally, this pattern appears on the top of all Super Carry slides, running between front and rear sights, and also appears and adds some gripability to each model’s back strap/mainspring housing. Although I’m partial to the coarser feel of checkering on my 1911s, I found that Kimber’s “Super Carry’ treatment provides for a positive grip and secure grasp of slide and is quite attractive, to boot. The frontstrap on all Super Carries has also been cut high under the triggerguard to provide for a higher grip, bringing the centerline of the bore closer to the hand for improved recoil control. Oh, and Super Carries come in only one chambering—that would be for the time-proven, street-reliable .45 ACP round.

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