Any student involved in a fight, whether they started it or not, gets in trouble in some Tennessee school districts. Now, some lawmakers are working to change that.

They’re proposing what’s called the Student Self-defense Bill. It basically says that students have the right to physically stand up for themselves. Also, any student can step in and defend someone else without getting in trouble. People in favor of the bill say it’s common sense, but those against it say fighting, no matter what, is never the answer.

Senator Reginald Tate and Representative Terry Lynn Weaver are now sponsoring Senate Bill 113 – House Bill 860. It would eliminate the notion of zero tolerance, and it’s a guideline already in play at Obion and Weakley County schools. Obion County Director of Schools David Huss said, “Absolutely it’s working for us.”

Source: Briana Conner for WPSD Local 6

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