During the last decade the fighting shotgun has been greatly overshadowed by the modern black rifle. There have been a few “blips” on the shotgun radar, but not all that much to get excited about. Recently I’ve been working with a combination that might just get the American shooter excited about the fighting shotgun again. Let’s take a moment to consider the players.
Wilson Combat Remington “Steal”

Based on the fact that there are literally thousands upon thousands of Remington 870 shotguns in various states and conditions throughout the United States, Wilson Combat put together their “Remington Steal” package. Yes, the verbiage is “STEAL”, as in a bargain at that price. This custom upgrade offer allows your faithful old pump-gun to be reborn and live on for decades.

When a used Model 870 arrives at the Wilson shop in Berryville, Arkansas the first thing their technicians will do is inspect it inside and out. Any worn, damaged or broken parts will be replaced.

The gunsmiths will convert it to accept 3-inch shells, if that is applicable. The shell feeder/elevator will be converted to the “Flexitab” anti-jam system. A new Remington factory shell follower and magazine spring will replace the old one. Wilson techs will upgrade/replace the cross-bolt safety with the most up-to-date model and will also replace the trigger assembly with a professionally remanufactured trigger group.

With the inside taken care of the next step is to address the external appearance. The old wooden shotgun furniture will be removed and scrapped (they don’t ship it back). In place of the worn wood Wilson Combat will install a new black polymer buttstock and forend. This is Remington factory furniture, not a cheap plastic knock-off.

As for the metal finish, Wilson offers their corrosion resistant treatment, called Armor-Tuff. This finish not only looks good but also provides complete corrosion resistance. Armor-Tuff also has a molybdenum disulfide blend, giving the finish an inherent lubricity or, in layman’s terms, it’s self-lubricating.

Checking the Wilson Combat website they have four basic Armor-Tuff colors available; OD Green, Black, Tan, and Gray. For this project I chose the Gray color for my gun. The contrast between the black furniture and gray metal finish was just the ticket.

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