Man arrested with gun in holster challenging concealed carry ban

A Chicago man found with a loaded gun in his…

A Chicago man found with a loaded gun in his car says felony weapons charges against him should be dropped because of a court ruling that tossed out Illinois’ concealed carry ban.

Deafalla Haddad was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon after he was pulled over for speeding in November in Schiller Park and informed the officer he was carrying a loaded gun in a waistband holster.

His attorney, Matt Fakhoury, said the case should be dismissed because the law Haddad broke was found to be unconstitutional and because his actions would be legal in any other state.

“He did everything as a lawful citizen,” Fakhoury said. “The courts ruled that the law, as it stands now, is unconstitutional because it does not allow for law-abiding citizens to (own and carry) a weapon. … There’s not a scratch on his record.”

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