We love guns, We believe in our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, But above all else we believe in protecting our homes and families from the crazy world around us that is constantly evolving into an increased state of chaos.

We are “jacks of all trades” that come from varying backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military, Carpentry/Cabinet Making, and Techie Nerds…but we all have a love for guns and a true passion for home defense. WE BELIEVE in our products and we stand by them.

READY GUN started concept/development in 2006 based in West Palm Beach, FL with custom-built In Wall Concealment systems that were built in place. They were completely permanent and more expensive since they were all custom builds. Needless to say our products have come a long way in the past 6 years. We now sit comfortably on the bench of the Wasatch Mountains in Ogden, UT and offer products that just about anyone can install.

Find out more at ReadyGunBox.com

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