Safety Technology, the country’s leading drop ship wholesaler of self-defense products, has launched a new line of “Stun Master” multi-function rechargeable telescopic stun batons, which are designed to help give men and women the protection they need to keep attackers at bay.

The Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton offers three potent levels of protection:

1. A 2.5 million volt stun gun that can penetrate through 1/2″ of clothing
2. A bright light that is ideal when walking through stairwells, parking lots and other dimly-lit areas
3. A piercing 120 dB personal alarm that not only terrifies attackers and sends them fleeing, but attracts the attention of passersby who can help and call the authorities

Plus, the Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton, which measures 21.5” when fully extended and only 13” when collapsed, comes with:

High-quality rechargeable batteries
An easy-to-use wall charger
A convenient and durable holster

“We’ve designed our Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton, so that the full length of the metal part is electrified when in use,” commented Safety Technology’s CEO and founder Michael Gravette. “If the attacker touches any part of the baton, it’ll be the last foolish thing he does for a long time. Plus, victims have no fear that they’ll feel any shock at all, even if the baton is in use and the attacker is touching them.”

Those interested in purchasing a Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton for themselves, or for someone they care about, can order online at:

Please note that stun guns are not legal in all states. Buyers and resellers should check their state’s stun gun laws and restrictions for details.

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