Smith’s Consumer Products, Inc. of Hot Springs, Arkansas has introduced another product to its line of unique interrupted surface diamond sharpening stones. The new 4” Diamond Sharpening Stone will be a welcome addition to the EdgesportTM product line by craftsmen, fisherman, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Richard Smith, President, stated, “ The new 4” Diamond Sharpening Stone features Smith’s® patented interrupted diamond surface which speeds the sharpening process by collecting and holding the metal filings removed from the knife or tool edge during sharpening. This keeps the sharpening surface clean and working effectively.” Smith added, “Additional product features include a Micro-Tool Sharpening PadTM for sharpening the tips of your knife blade and small tools, a straight-line sharpening groove for fishhooks and pointed objects, and a stone cover that doubles as a base when not covering the stone.” Because of its unique surface, the 4” Diamond Sharpening Stone can be used dry, but Smith’s strongly recommends the use of a sharpening lubricant for best results.

The new model #50363 is available at leading sporting goods and hardware retailers, via online and mail order catalogs, or direct from Smith’s at

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