Laci Szabo has long been known in martial arts circles for thinking outside of the box with his knife designs. His latest joint project with Spyderco may have resulted in the ultimate folding fighter. In this issue, Phil Elmore makes a hands-on evaluation. Also, John Larsen gives us a first look at Spyderco’s new Pekka Tuominen Nilakka folding puukko.

The demand for Danish custom knifemaker Mikkel Willumsen’s “urban tactical” folders has long exceeded his ability to handcraft sufficient numbers of them for would-be buyers. Naturally, his prices reflect the red-hot market. Now, thanks to United Cutlery, virtually anyone can acquire a production version of Willumsen’s Blondie folding knife. Tim Stetzer explains and gives us his unvarnished evaluation.

Mission Knives, the official supplier of titanium blades to the Navy SEALs, is now working with the Marine Corps on a practical, steel-alloy survival blade well suited to amphibious warfare. Our resident squid, Terrill Hoffman, rings out some the company’s newer models.

For the complete article please refer to Tactical Knives July 2013.

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