How do you squeeze a 3.3-inch barrel into a 5-inch overall, recoil-operated, DAO, hammer-fired 9mm pistol? Not easily. However, that is exactly what Arne Boberg of Boberg Arms has accomplished with his XR9-S pistol. The overall length is so short that muzzle awareness with a two-handed grip is required; otherwise, your support thumb may end up forward of the barrel!

This uber-compact 7+1 shot pistol is entirely unique in its design and method of operation. The magazine has no follower, just the exposed and captive spring. The rounds load in seemingly backward fashion, travelling backward from the rear of the magazine and feeding upward and forward into the chamber. This unique design is what allows for the pistol’s compact size, which delivers 25 percent more muzzle energy than any other similarly sized pistol.

The rotating barrel and internal design helps mitigate recoil, allowing for comfortable +P use, and delivers outstanding accuracy. The XR9-S is less than an inch wide and weighs only 17.5 ounces for easy pocket carry. To learn more, visit or call 651-287-0617.

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