Dog bails up intruder until police arrive

A pet dog has cornered a burglar at a home…

If you like guns and like to shoot, keep that in mind when buying a dog. The last thing you want is a dog that tucks tail and runs at any hint of gunfire. I’ve seen dogs so afraid of gunfire they would run the second they saw a gun. (And remember, the bad guy you want protection from may have a firearm.) I started working with our new German shepherd when he was only eight weeks old and shooting .22 shorts from a rifle. Now at one year old, and thanks to Kordusky’s obedience training, he will sit at my side while I shoot any firearm.

A pet dog has cornered a burglar at a home in Bertram, south of Perth.

A couple inside the home were woken by someone trying to open their front door about 1:00am (AWST).

Police say they then heard someone jumping over their side fence and their dog began barking in the back yard.

They rushed outside to see their bull mastiff had bailed a man up into a corner.

The dog held him there until police arrived.

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