It’s 115 degrees out. Sweat trickles down your brow. Your clothes begin clinging to you like a second skin. You take a deep breath and feel your heart beating like you’ve never felt before. Every sense is on high alert. You look up to your team leader and give him the silent nod—you’re ready. BOOM! The breaching tool bursts through the door, and a flashbang flies into the room.

“Go! Go! Go!” screams your team leader. You follow the team as it begins to stream through the broken doorway. It’s dark, it’s smoky, and your adrenaline is pumping hard. The mission: A VIP has been taken hostage. Sweep the house, take out any hostiles, and recover the VIP. Alive. As you cover each doorway, clearing rooms as you go, you start to hear an ’80s hair band in the background. You glimpse a distracting light in the corner and see the feet of your audience, walking on the wire-mesh ceiling above, judging your every move and decision.

What the #@$%? Oh, right. I forgot to mention this is no ordinary mission. You are an attendee of the Extreme Driving + Weapons Training: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush adventure hosted by G4S International Training Inc. (G4S ITI) of Shacklefords, Virginia, and by LivingSocial Adventures. The gun in your hand? A replica Glock 17 airsoft pistol. Your team leader? Brandon Wright, senior firearms instructor. The house you’re sweeping? The TAC House. The hostiles and hostage? Role-players.

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