Superheroes were big business at your local theater this year, and they couldn’t have saved the world without the help of the world’s leading polymer-framed pistol! I have to start with the biggest thing to hit the screen in tights ever—this summer’s mega-hit The Avengers. Written and directed by Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon, The Avengers is a comic book fan’s dreams come true, assembling “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” in one truly epic tale.

Separately, these Marvel heroes had already shared screen time with GLOCKs in their origin films. Chris (star of the upcoming Red Dawn remake) Hemsworth’s Thor fought GLOCK 17-wielding SHIELD agents when he tried to retrieve his hammer. In Iron Man, SHIELD agents led by Clark Gregg’s Coulson used their GLOCK 17s to try to take out the giant Iron Monger. New York cops in Harlem grabbed their GLOCK 17s when The Abomination faced off with the Green Goliath in The Incredible Hulk in 2008.

However, when you are teamed up with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Captain America, Hemsworth’s Mighty Thor and Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk, how do you hold your own if you are just a simple human? The answer: a pair of GLOCK 26 9×19 pistols in dual thigh rigs. Scarlett Johansson’s master assassin Black Widow has no problem facing down a street full of alien warriors with her GLOCKs happily firing away. In fact, handling and reloading her guns got so much screen time that Johansson’s character should have been called the “GLOCK Widow!”

The GLOCK 19 9×19 pistol is the issued sidearm of The Avengers’ SHIELD agents. Cobie How I Met Your Mother Smulders sizzles with the 9×19 in her hands as she helps repel a mercenary attack on their floating Helicarrier. When Loki’s alien Chitauri shock troopers hit New York City, they also find themselves facing GLOCK 19s in the hands of NYPD officers.

Heroes Against Villains

Since many of the Marvel Comics characters are supposed to live in real-life New York City (because creator Stan Lee lived there), NYPD cops often find themselves faced with superhero situations. In The Fantastic Four they grabbed their .40-caliber GLOCK 23s when Victor Von Doom started tearing apart downtown. When the Punisher amped up his war on crime in Punisher: War Zone, NYPD cops had their GLOCK 17s ready. This year they also found themselves dealing with another Marvel Comics hero in the theaters—The Amazing Spider-Man.

Our friendly neighborhood “Web Head” has always been a misunderstood hero—he faced GLOCK 17-wielding armored car thieves in the 2002 Tobey Maguire Spider-Man—but in the latest 2012 blockbuster, Captain Stacey (played by Rescue Me’s Dennis Leary) sends his NYPD troops to hunt down the red and blue “masked vigilante” with GLOCK 19 9×19 pistols in their holsters.

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