The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, just northeast of Atlanta, is the first line of defense to protect the residents, commuters and businesses in one of the country’s fastest growing areas. Over 400 sworn deputies and civilian workers maintain law and order within their almost 500-square-mile area of responsibility, which is mostly rural in the northern part and very urbanized in the southern district. The deputies face challenges similar to other urban and rural areas of the country, such as drug trafficking—including a rise in meth-related problems—and there are even some gang presence issues.

As a result, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) has a variety of specialty units including K9, mounted and maritime support for the extensive local waterways, such as the massive Atlanta reservoir Lake Lanier, which takes up almost half of Forsyth County. With that varied terrain and landscape, each deputy has to be ready for any environment and threat, both on land and on the water. That is why they depend on their chosen pistol, the GLOCK, to serve and protect the almost 200,000 residents and an almost equal number of daily commuters and tourists who pass through their area of responsibility.


Over two decades ago, FCSO deputies replaced their existing sidearms with GLOCK pistols. Why GLOCK? To cope with the diverse Georgia environment, which ranges from blistering hot and sweaty days to freezing cold and damp nights, as well as the constant application of abrasive solvents used for cleaning and maintenance. GLOCK uses a highly resistant, non-fiberglass, reinforced-polymer frame to reduce the total pistol weight while increasing durability. The GLOCK polymer material is impervious to different climatic conditions, resists corrosion, is tolerant of lubricants, and it even absorbs repeated recoil without wear. The operator-friendly GLOCK also features three independent safety systems that secure the weapon against accidental discharge, which is two or three more than a typical revolver that law enforcement carried for most of the last century.

Each GLOCK has an external trigger safety, a small inner lever contained in the trigger that activates the trigger bar when depressed. The second safety is the firing pin safety, which is a solid hardened steel pin that blocks the firing pin channel unless the trigger is actuated. Lastly, the drop safety is only released when the trigger is pulled back. The effective purpose of this trifecta of gun safety is to make sure the GLOCK does not discharge unless the trigger is purposefully depressed, yet it’ll shoot every time the trigger is pulled. What that means is that the officer, deputy or civilian shooter does not have to lose situational awareness to prepare their defensive pistol for an engagement when faced with an immediate threat. The trigger, firing pin and drop safeties of the SAFE ACTION® allow the GLOCK to be carried fully loaded with complete safety and then fired immediately without having to manipulate any external safeties.

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