Obama Takes Gun-Control Campaign to Connecticut Again

President Obama is returning to Connecticut on Monday to again…

President Obama is returning to Connecticut on Monday to again memorialize the victims of the school massacre there and to continue his push for what he calls “common-sense measures to reduce gun violence” at the start of a potentially make-or-break week for gun-control legislation in Congress.

Mr. Obama, who last visited the state shortly after the Dec. 14 shootings that killed 20 first graders and 6 educators in Newtown, will meet again with the victims’ relatives and bring members of 11 families to Washington with him on Air Force One. The families will meet with lawmakers this week and provide an emotional counterweight to threats from a group of Republican senators to filibuster the emerging legislation.

White House officials said that the family members had been planning to come to Washington this week to lobby for action and that Mr. Obama offered them the ride. The families will first attend a speech that Mr. Obama is to give on the issue at the University of Hartford on Monday evening.

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